Greenhouse thanksgiving

No doubt about it, I have a lot to be thankful for. It might seem trivial compared to how grateful I am for things like my health and the amazing friends I’ve made here at Blithewold — and I also don’t mean to gloat — but I thank my lucky stars just about every time I find myself working in the greenhouse. There’s nothing like a sunny day in the winter when the temperature outside is freezing but the sun has warmed the greenhouse into the balmy 70s. But it’s on blustery, rain-soaked days like this one that I feel especially grateful. It is a little chilly… Over the winter we keep the heat low — it kicks on when temperatures fall into the 50s — to give our plants a proper rest. But the warm scents of sweet olive, citrus, and eucalyptus make it feel plenty cozy. And despite the hum of the fans, the noise of the wind outside, and the water pouring down the runnels, there’s a lovely kind of quiet. With our first Christmas Sparkle (6-8PM Fridays from November 28 to January 2) on this week’s horizon we have the best excuse to spend some quality time in the greenhouse. The to-do list ranges from hanging lights, moving plants out of aisles, and arranging pretty combinations, to the everyday watering, grooming, and weeding we need to keep on top of in order to maintain our plants’ health. 

Decorated for Christmas SparkleCozy corner in the greenhouseHelleborus niger 'HGC Jacob'Pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla)

Gail, Betsy, and I are also immensely grateful for the new planthouse. The benches were installed last week, and the heat is on — set on the warmer side to foster the seedlings and cuttings that will soon fill the space. In fact, the radiant heat floor and double-glazed glass make it feel so toasty that we’re thinking of moving our desks in along with the plants.

Planthouse complete with benches.

I hope you are counting your blessings too. Happy Thanksgiving!