Inside work

We really needed the rain. Not only were the gardens dry – which is hard to believe since it’s been so not-sunny lately – but rain also gives us a chance to get to things that usually get short shrifted in May. Like tending to houseplants – or in our case the greenhouse plants. At home I all but forget to water my houseplants in spring let alone get them cleaned up, repotted and or fertilized before putting them outside for the season. And it shows. Here too: the greenhouse plants inevitably start to look a little peaky and neglected right before we want to put them on proud display outside.

So this week, while I tied myself to a desk to catch up on other stuff, Gail, Tara and a few of the volunteers grabbed the chance to give the greenhouse plants some necessary TLC. In between squalls, they even moved a few outside. Moving out during a cloudy week is perfect for giving those plants a chance to acclimate to the sky. Never be tempted, as I sometimes am, to put even sun-loving houseplants in full sun outside right away. Give them some days of shade first. (That said, the sun finally blazed right when I went out with my camera. – At least these plants have been under full greenhouse sun and won’t be so stunned.) If you haven’t already put out the plants that can take it on the cool side like phormium, camellia, gardenia, and rosemary, it’s perfectly safe for them now (it is here anyway.) And looking ahead at our forecast, it might be safe now to start moving the warmer-blooded out too. Most (tropical) houseplants prefer nights to be above 55° or even 6o° F. (I plan on kicking most mine out of the house starting this weekend, come what may. I’m pretty sure at this point we’ll all be happier outdoors.)

Have you had a chance to catch up on inside work too? Have you moved any house or greenhouse plants out yet?