Merry, Warm, and Bright

It has been positively frigid this week, which makes the warm humid atmosphere of the greenhouse an even sweeter relief than usual. Staff and visitors aren’t the only ones enjoying this indoor climate. Blithewold’s tender perennial plant collection is really showing its appreciation for its winter habitat right now. Fuchsias, begonias, flowering maples and many more have come into flower for all to enjoy. 

I’ve always been intrigued by the fuchsia flowers. They remind me of little dancing ballerinas. It is wonderful when they bloom in the greenhouse, but it is even better when they go outdoors for the summer because these sweet flowers are a big attraction for hummingbirds. They do beautifully in part shade, making them ideal for hanging baskets or container displays.

The drooping chandelier-esque flowers of dragon wing begonias call attention to themselves. Many visitors ask about these floriferous plants. The flowers are small with only a bit of pollen, but they are still beloved by pollinators in the summer. The seeds that form after are quite sweet – each with a little heart at the end (visible in the picture above right).

There are many more blooms to enjoy right now in our greenhouses. If you need a quiet pick-me-up this holiday season, stop in to breath the fragrant air and visit with the flowers on display.

Happy Holidays!