Not all is a washout by Dan Christina

(Originally this post should have ran last week, but was never loaded. Oops!)

As you most likely saw in Kris’ post last week, Washout, things around the grounds have been quite a mess.  We have been able to get almost every path back to walkable standards, and keep moving forward with clean up, but the one area where I have been most slowed down, is in the Vegetable Garden.

With the garden having been covered with snow until late March, and the heavy rains that followed, I haven’t had much time or ability to get in and start the many changes mentioned in my first post a couple of months ago…concrete edging, the bean tunnel, moving the raised beds…etc.


But not too worry!  All is not lost, and as endless as the march towards spring is, sunnier days and warmer temperatures are sure to follow.  And certainly just because I am not able to do any real work in the garden, doesn’t mean I can’t get anything done indoors.  Counting on the average frost dates, and planning to have spring and summer as usual (fingers crossed), help keep me focused on what needs to be started early and getting plants in production for the drier days ahead.  Thankfully, between myself and the very helpful garden volunteers, we are still on track, packing every corner and inch of available benchspace (and floor space) in the greenhouses (and looking forward to when the newest greenhouse is completed and Kris and Gail won’t have to do so much shuffling to accommodate all the vegetable trays).




The first round of seeds have already been transplanted to the next size up, and will be out to the garden next week (4-16ish).  Tomatoes are going to be started this week (ten varieties!!!) in anticipation for this year’s Tomato Taste Test, and the peppers and eggplants are already on their way.


And last but not least, thanks to the cold frames, in just three weeks we went from this..


to this…


Hope (like seeds) springs anew!


How has your gardening been affected so far this season?  Anybody planting out in the open yet?