Out in the cold

I don’t often have the pleasure of being the first to set foot across a newly snowy Blithewold. Usually, by the time I get here another human or two have beat me through the Bosquet or Enclosed Garden, sometimes on skis, and I have never not seen critter tracks at the very least. But yesterday was evidently too cold for man or beast to be out and about. Either that or the blowing snow was too fresh for signs of life so my own tracks were the first I saw. I was sorry enough to wreck the pristine picture that I didn’t go far. Besides, it really was bone-achingly cold.

The local wildlife is made of much tougher stuff than me though and has been busy-busy-busy since my first little walkabout. On a short trek back outside yesterday, I noticed tracks everywhere. Evidently a lot goes on when we’re not around to watch. I’m no good at identifying who did all the fancy footwork out there but deer tracks are easy. Some areas, particularly to and from a particular yew and shelter of rhodies near the Enclosed Garden, look like a deer version of Grand Central Station. It’s a little worrisome. At last count there were seven deer on the property and they’re hungry. Gail and I will have to keep a sharp eye on the tulips when they start poking up…

Have you ventured out in the cold and snow? Who was out there before you?