Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! by Dan Christina

At a time when we are getting in full swing for our opening, I somehow have managed to get a quick vacation planned for this coming week.  While I am looking forward to the relaxation that a slow morning with a cup (or a few) of coffee can bring, my mind will still be thinking about all the many garden tasks which are starting to pop up with more and more urgency.

Peas are definitely one of those tasks which I always seems to get to too late in the garden.  Old advice says as soon as the soil can be worked, get planting, but something always keeps me from getting them into the ground untill early April.  I hate losing seed to poor germination, and I always get a fairly good crop of peas when they do begin to bear, but I wonder…would I get even more?  Maybe I should try it this year.

Last year’s pea collection:



I am ahead on my lettuce seeding though.  Last year we were able to donate at least 30 heads of lettuce to the East Bay Food Pantry at the start of June.  And while we were donating some leaf lettuce before that, I would always like to donate more, especially since they can take the cooler temperatures, I have the cold frames and row cover available, and the majority of the garden will be empty.  I’ll be starting Cabbages and Broccoli this week as well, and maybe some more Chard, as the color complements the early greens of the garden nicely.

Here is a current look at the blank slate! Mildly depressing, but full of hope and expectations!





How are your seeds shaping up?