Spring’s returns

Whether or not you got your taxes in on time, spring is sending out huge returns right this minute. As a gardener I have paid close enough attention to spring that I really shouldn’t ever be surprised by it but yet again, I’m feeling amazed at how quickly it’s happening. Tree buds that were still tightly closed (if swollen) last week when I checked them must have opened over the weekend. Mayapple (Podophyllum peltatum) that was tucked under the leaves in the bosquet last week is poking up today like a forest of tiny umbrellas. Ferns that were still tightly knobbed are beginning to lengthen into fiddleheads. Grape hyacinth are out in force; trout lily are displaying their peeled banana blooms; and a close-up look at a red-tinted horizon reveals the most delicate garnet flowers on the red maples (Acer rubrum).

And the daffodils. I knew it was coming (and we predicted that this would be the week) but they’re totally peaking now. I am tempted to say that it doesn’t get any better than this but of course it does. By the day.

So if you’re on vacation with your kids this week, I sure hope you return to Blithewold for Daffodil Days or at least get outside to reap spring’s awesome reward. (Given the weather forecast for the next few days — no hot weather in sight yet — it looks like the daffs will be in peak right through and into next week. And by then there should be a few more tulips too!)

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