Spruced for Sparkle

Gail, Betsy and I spent this short week getting ready for Christmas at Blithewold and the first evening of Sparkle coming up this Friday. We made (that is, Betsy made) gorgeous terrariums, and put together adorably tiny vignettes under cloches. We hung lanterns and filled bowls with our abundant harvest of cones and seedpods collected around the grounds here and at Arnold Arboretum. And Gail used some too to make the most beautiful wreath ever for the mansion’s front door.

Blithewold has been a Christmas destination for a long time, but now, for the second holiday season in a row, the greenhouse is too. I always think the greenhouse is worth the walk (and it’s open every day), but all spruced… I must say, it’s dreamy. Even in the daylight on a gray day. I can’t wait to see it at night all lit up.

I hope you have been enjoying sprucing for the holidays too. And if you had to travel, I hope the trip wasn’t as horrendous as predicted and that by now you’re cozied up in warm kitchens and living rooms with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!