The Nor’easter

Water, water everywhere! High tide this morning was HIGH. high tide in the Rock GardenWhen I drove in this morning I wondered “what the heck is that is out in the bay?…” It was the GARDEN. the pond at high tide

There’s nothing like a big storm to infuse a little drama in the daily slog.the water garden I would say that last night’s storm wasn’t pretty but, in a way, it was. Destructive, certainly! — but also beautiful in an awesome sort of way. (People with tree smashed cars and houses and flooded basements may disagree with me…) Blithewold lost some sizable tree pieces but the damage isn’t too terrible considering the size and location of the property and the sheer number of special specimens. (knock-on-wood; the storm’s not done yet!)

The Daffodils, thank goodness, look fine. If more of them were open, they might all look like this:storm flattened twigging in the Bosquet

Most of the Daffs in the Bosquet are still looking snug in the bud though and quite perky despite all the wind, rain and sticks. By the time the weather improves, we should be cleaned up again and with any luck (cross your fingers) the Daffodils will be ready too!