The spring blues

Almost everybody I’ve talked to lately has complained that spring seems late this year. It is if you compare it to last year but that spring came two weeks early and headed full steam for summer. According to my calendars (and blog posts) from a few years prior, this spring is right on target if not a little ahead. I think what it is getting us all a little down in the dumps is the fact that we’ve had very few of those blissful, sunny, 70 degree blue-sky days and a whole lot of raw, windy and damp ones instead. And this week, forecast to be rainy day after rainy day, isn’t likely to lift our spirits any higher than the floor. The only thing for it is to wallow in the spring blues.

There’s no shortage of the color blue in summer’s gardens but to me blue is never more beautiful than in the spring when it positively glows against other colors – particularly the chartreuse and limey-shiny greens of fresh foliage. And isn’t it even more vibrant on a grey day? – Easier to photograph too. (Hover over for captions and click-on for larger view.)

Do you have the spring blues too? Which are your favorites?

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