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Julie favorites

As we grow into our gardens I think we all develop trademarks – styles of gardening or a certain look in plants that is recognizable to our friends as being totally us.  To mark Julie’s … Read more.

Good question

We’ve been getting the exclamation question “What are you going to do when Julie retires?!” since long long before Julie set an actual date. And as the date she set last year approaches, I still … Read more.

Rhapsody in basil

I’ve been meaning to trumpet about our basils almost since the day we planted them. So without further ado: I love basil (Ocimum basilicum)! Lavender is still the aromatic herb I would dress myself in … Read more.

High praise

Kudos and many thanks go to all who made the Celebration of a Century Gala such a whopping success. Gala volunteers were able to raise more money for our operating budget (salaries, etc) – as … Read more.

Any excuse for a party

It’s summertime (the living is easy) and it’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – those are reasons enough for me to want to eat, drink and be generally merry. But not only that, Blithewold is 100 … Read more.

Give yourself a break

It was really really good to get away. It always is. It’s not that I don’t love my work — you know I do! — Rather, it’s that after a little while in the blaze … Read more.