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Horticultural Interns 2019

One of the best ways to learn is by experience.   This summer Betsy, Joe and I are fortunate to have two horticulture interns join us in the gardens along with our hardy garden volunteers.  Blithewold’s … Read more.

Sink into Spring

A delightful consequence of the constant rainy weather is the lushness of growth this spring. If ever there was a time to take a spring walk in a garden it is now — we all … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

The transformation from winter to spring has finally arrived at Blithewold. The entire landscape is coming more alive each day with perennials emerging, tree buds unfurling and spring flowers starting to bloom.  It’s a delight … Read more.

An Open Letter to Spring

Dear Spring, We have all been anxiously awaiting your arrival. We have so enjoyed your short visits – but they have been pleasant teasers, not the same as a proper long stay. We have prepared … Read more.

March Mudness

As basketball fans anticipate March Madness, gardeners anticipate the mud season as a final mental toughness test for the time between late winter and early spring. March’s muddiness can be just another hoop to jump … Read more.

Winter’s Walk

All it took for Betsy and me to be out the door on a chilly day was Joe to say that he just thought he heard an owl in the water garden.  I have not … Read more.

The Optimism of a Gardener

Vita Sackville-West, the owner and co-creator of the great English garden Sissinghurst, wrote, “The most noteworthy thing about gardeners is that they are always optimistic, always enterprising and never satisfied. They always look forward to … Read more.

Cultivate Your Garden Curiosity

If you are like most gardeners, winter is a time of restful relief from your garden chores, but the promise of a well cultivated garden, its visual beauty, and the enormous pleasure it provides are … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

The Season of Evergreens After this rainy November, the second wettest on record, I am appreciating features on my walk that I’ve taken for granted throughout the year. I’m certainly thankful for the gravel paths … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Leaves Aplenty   Walking along a path sprinkled with fallen leaves releases my inner child-like nature. It may be the familiar crunch under foot or the shuffling tendency of my feet to brush the excess … Read more.