Being narcissistic

There’s no doubt now that this is the week for narcissists at Blithewold. Even if daffodils aren’t your thing (perish the thought!) you’d have to admit that so many open all at once is a sight for sore eyes. (And didn’t our eyes get sore this winter?) There’s just something about their cheerfulness – about as subtle as a smiley – even on an otherwise dreary day like today. (Pictures were taken in yesterday’s sun.) William Wordsworth said it best, “A poet could not but be gay, in such jocund company”.

As much as I enjoy staring into the faces of daffodils (conceitedly wishing they loved me back), I’ve also been noticing the hopeful, happy-making changes in the wider landscape. I can’t help but ogle the reverse striptease of the trees as they begin to put on lacy lingerie. So lovely. And yesterday we saw the first bumblebees of the season – they must be last year’s queens buzzing flowers to feed a new brood; and noticed that the frog chorus is suddenly out in full voice.

What’s catching your attention? Are you being narcissistic too?