Early days

We open officially for the season starting tomorrow (!) and the daffodils are just beginning to open up.

You know what they say about early birds … and, says me, there’s definitely something to be said for catching this season right as it begins to burst. (And you know if there’s something to be said about anything, I’ll say it.) One of my friends and colleagues here told me that her favorite moment in the life of a daffodil is the very one I sort of failed to register before – right when their heads are bowed and they’re beginning to open. (What’s your favorite moment?) I also have to say that before the daffodils really get going and commandeer all of our attention, it’s actually still possible to notice fat buds, garnet flowers on the maples, and carpets of indigo blue.

Hover over for captions and click on for a larger look-see.

Temperatures are forecast to be warm and lovely tomorrow and into next week (though a little rain may fall too… ) The daffodils only need some heat to get going and then we may collectively wish for cool nights to keep them hanging on for a good long time.

For more information about how far along our daffodils are, stay tuned for regular “daff cam” shots here, or call our hotline at 401-253-2707, ext. 35.