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Looking forward

We can’t – or at least don’t – always live in the moment. The past is good to revisit sometimes for what it can teach us (you know what they say about hindsight and all) … Read more.

It’s easy being green …

… with envy! Today dawned as an envious day – the kind of day that calls out for a sit in a shady sea breeze with a fistfull of watermelon and an icy lemonade. How … Read more.

Garden music – part 2 (dissonance)

Sometimes the garden resembles a well thought out mix-tape that keeps you swaying and singing and other times it looks like we put the ipod on shuffle. Sometimes the needle hits a scratch or we … Read more.

Music to my eyes

Sometimes when I’m doing something tedious like watering I’ll get a random song on repeat in my head – usually a catchy ditty that I can’t stand and can’t tune out and I never know … Read more.

Wishing well

No rain in sight. The thunderstorms that have been in the forecast periodically haven’t materialized for us in Bristol since a month ago in June. It’s dry dry dry and even the pond has emptied … Read more.

Blooming birthday celebrations

Gail and I are both a year or so older this week and in honor of our birthdays and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (graciously hostessed by Carol at May Dreams Gardens) I went a little … Read more.


One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that in bed he had been changed into a monstrous verminous bug. -Franz Kafka The Japanese beetles arrived last week and as … Read more.

Monster Plant Rally!

TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY!! – MONSTER PLAAAAAAANTS! Get your tickets today! It’s very possible that the heat and humidity of the last few days have caused my brain to crash but I’ve been overwhelmed and downright … Read more.

Pieces of flair*

If you ever get to visit Bristol during the pre-Independence Day season you’ll notice that Bristolians take this holiday very seriously. On my walks around town lately I’ve been absolutely amazed all over again at … Read more.

The eventfulness of time

Maybe it’s the influence of living through the hoopla surrounding the 4th of July in Bristol, RI (home of the longest running – and longest marching – 4th of July parade in the country) but … Read more.