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  Late September is a keep on keeping on time for us. The gardens are still puffing away practically under their own steam and we won’t start pulling the brakes until after the house closes … Read more.

Learning something new everyday

I can’t imagine being the kind of person who already knows it all. I spend almost every moment trying to catch up – if I’m not finding something new to know, I’m quizzing myself on … Read more.

An Eventful Day

It’s hard to compete with a street fair, a Touch-a-Truck (“some had air horns!” said one kiddo I know), a nearby harvest festival with do-it-yourself scarecrows, a working waterfront festival a few towns over and … Read more.

Dew not frost – yet!

Chilly (almost) fall mornings have been so misty dewy lately that I get soaked to my shins just walking across the lawn. Can’t beat the quality of the light though and my morning ramble is … Read more.

More garden magic – for grown-up children

Yesterday’s fog cloud lifted just in time. (I suspect helpful fairies.) Long shadows, golden brights and dulcet tunes on guitar and mandolin were the stage set, backdrop and surround sound for a gorgeous evening Soiree … Read more.

Habitat for Fairies

Fairies need decent affordable housing too! Yesterday a group of dedicated and skilled laborers built a new fairy community on a Blithewold subdivision. The houses were constructed of green material and fit beautifully into the … Read more.

Mid-September monarchs (and bloom day!)

  At the end of August I swivelled around the garden trying madly to take pictures of all the dozens of hummingbirds. Two weeks later it’s the monarchs distracting me from my work. They’re like … Read more.


It rained!! I found a link via Cold Climate Gardening to the U.S. Drought Monitor which shows most of Rhode Island in a moderate drought as of 7:00 AM Tuesday. That’s the day it finally … Read more.

On ‘mental annual grasses

Ornamental grasses are coming into their own just now and it’s time to sing some praises (and maybe one dirge). There are reviews here and here with links to more and more about all kinds … Read more.

Friday pics and updates

It’s been another dry week of desiccating wind, worries and ragweed allergies. All over the property difficult choices are being made about what to water and what to let go – the guys are looking … Read more.