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I can’t contain myself

I’m addicted to pots! I love container gardening because like putting a frame around a painting, a plant in the right pot is suddenly especially special. I started working yesterday with Julie Morris (Blithewold’s Dir. … Read more.

The slows

Gail doesn’t want me to admit this but we’ve both hit The Wall. It’s a June wall and I think we hit it every year as we finish planting and every year we think there’s … Read more.

Summer solstice to-do list

It’s so convenient that our busiest days of the year are also the longest! There’s so much fun stuff to do in – and out of – our gardens. Tomorrow is the very longest day … Read more.

True blue

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to find words to express my sadness – my blues, as a matter of fact – that Mary Philbrick, one of the people who makes this … Read more.

Dog days

The heat broke yesterday and I think we’re all enjoying today’s reminder about why it’s worth every cent to live in or at least visit coastal New England – it’s all about the sea breeze! … Read more.

I’m melllllllllting!

And the plants are too. For the last few days we’ve been hit by summer like a sucker punch to the gut with no chance to acclimate – one day it was chilly sweater weather; … Read more.

“It’s the people”

Marjorie Shaw Jeffries, recipient of the Marjorie Van Wickle Lyon Award at Wednesday night’s Annual Meeting said that it has taken her a long time to figure out why everyone feels so strongly about Blithewold. … Read more.

Many hands –

– make light work, so the saying goes. I totally agree! I just read a blog post here by veggie garden guru Barbara Damrosch in which she shares a how-to put your houseguests to work … Read more.