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Poised to Bloom

I tend to think of spring as soft and sweet. But this spring has started off with a chip on its shoulder. After a few days of teasing warmer weather, the chill of cold air … Read more.

March Beauty

March is when the spirit needs a deep breath of peace. The winter is long, cold, and bitter. It teases with sunny days and punishes with freezing rain. Every glimpse of warmth and hope is … Read more.

Classes for Winter Garden Dreams

When the air is cold and the ground is frozen, plant lovers dig deep in their dreams for future gardens. This is the time of year when Gail, Julia, and I will be attending (virtual) … Read more.

Dahlia Dreams

October is secretly a beautiful month in the garden. The moderate daytime and nighttime temperatures make for an extended season of blooms. Dahlias especially appreciate this change of pace. They are no lovers of our … Read more.

Summer Simmers in September

When September rolls around, many think of school and an end to all the fun that can be had in summer. But, truly, summer lives on in the gardens. With fall not starting until September … Read more.

How to Use Color in the Garden

It is about this time each year that I become enamored with all the color in the gardens. Soft blues and lavenders, bright reds and oranges, pretty pinks and everything in between. I’ve written and … Read more.

Full bloom

When the weather heats up, the flowers come at you fast. Sometimes it seems like a plant will grow six inches overnight. The dahlias we planted a few weeks ago are already blooming. The sweet … Read more.

Exceptional Private Gardens Open for One Day

If ever there was a pandemic trend I could get behind, it is the fact that more and more people are gardening. Being in the garden has allowed so many of us to get back … Read more.

Emphatic, Glorious spring

May arrives with armfuls of bouquets in her arms. Tulips, tulips, and more tulips. We love making color combinations for our gardens each year and testing out new varieties in the Idea Gardens for future … Read more.

Spring Returns

The time is here! The daffodils are beginning to bloom. From ‘Little Gem’ to ‘Ice Follies’ to ‘King Alfred’ and ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’, flowers are emerging all over the property. They are not alone, either. … Read more.