Thoughtful musings on various topics by interesting people at Blithewold

Sizzle of Summer

The sizzle of summer has arrived, and so have a whole new batch of plants that are at their best when the heat and humidity is at its worst. Experiencing the grandeur of these heat-lovers … Read more.

Working Beauty

  May is a very busy month for all plants, to say the least. With so much going on in the garden, it can be overwhelming for people who don’t want to miss anything. While … Read more.

Uncovering April

As April moves along and we enter the heart of spring, it can be easy to appreciate only the beauty that is thrust upon us. It may be the noble cherry specimen that stands proud … Read more.

Greenhouse Trellis

This past fall, Garden volunteer Bill Knipps and I built a bamboo trellis on the greenhouse wall of the potting shed. Gail wanted to try something different to catch people’s attention this winter, and all … Read more.

Walk in the Snow

Blithewold received its second snowfall of the year earlier this week, and unlike after the first, I knew I had to go on a short walk around to take it all in before it washed … Read more.

Soul Sunset

When all the work was done for the day, I was able to brave the cold wind coming off Narragansett Bay and embrace the sunset as it descended over Blithewold’s Great Lawn. Despite the bite … Read more.

October 24th

I’d argue with anyone that Thursday, the 24th of October was the nicest day of 2019 thus far. A perfect 65 degrees, not a cloud to speak of, and a gentle breeze to carry the … Read more.

Continuity meets transition

As the rains finally return to Rhode Island, and the sweatshirts and jeans are pulled from the back of the closet, I can’t help but get excited. Change is inevitable when gardening in New England, … Read more.

Fall’s First

Summer has officially passed and October is just a few short days away. The aroma in the crisp breeze sparks fond memories of playing football with neighborhood friends and raking leaves for my grandmother. In … Read more.

Far From Finished

Well, here we are as summer rounds the final turn. Temperatures have let up, school is back in session, football season is here again. We can easily to jump into an autumn state of mind … Read more.