Spring is Not Cancelled

As we all are spending more time at home following the Covid 19 isolation guidelines, the importance of a garden is relevant now more than ever.  This time at home could be a period to reconnect with nature right in your own backyard.  This is an opportunity to take a closer look at your landscape and garden and create a pleasing refuge for you and your family.  Gardens have always been a sanctuary for respite, an outlet for artistic expressions, a place for experimenting with different growing methods and a practical space for growing food.  I garden not just for the sheer beauty of a garden but also to benefit wildlife too.  I can’t imagine a garden without watching the songbirds, bees and butterflies that are attracted to it for shelter and food.  Planting native trees, shrubs and perennials without using pesticides keeps my garden a healthy habitat for the wildlife and my family too. 

It’s a simple pleasure to watch springtime unfurl each day.  So much happens in April that  creating a journal to record the “firsts” that are seen is a great way for everyone to pay attention to what’s going on outdoors and develop an appreciation for the natural world.  This could be the year to really slow down and enjoy your garden and spring in your own backyard.

To help with your gardening at home be sure to watch Blithewold’s video online learning programs on many different topics.  Coming up soon is:

April 8:  Nature Drawing class with Joanne Murrman

April 9:  Natural Easter Egg Dying with Connie Ganley

 April 10:   Dividing and Transplanting Perennials with Gail Read, Betsy Ekholm and Joe Verstandig – Live Stream at 10:00

April 11:  Spring Floral Arrangement with Julie Christina

April 14: Planting Cool Weather Annuals with Betsy Ekholm

April 17: Daffodil and Ephemeral Tour with Gail Read – Live Stream at 10:00

Also, visit our weekly Facebook, Instagram, and blogs to keep up with what’s going on at Blithewold.  Blithewold’s A Year in the Garden: Planner is another great way to help with your gardening at home. 

Spring is not cancelled, discover the wonders of nature that happen each day.