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right… about… NOW!

Every time I walk the propery, I think it just can’t get any prettier. But I have to say, after walking around this morning, the daffodils must finally be peaking — it’s gorgeous out there! … Read more.

What to do on a rainy day

Gail and I always choose the dirtiest days to go “shopping”. We set aside Friday mornings in late April and early May to go to nurseries to buy the plants we don’t grow ourselves – … Read more.

Rise and shine!

Spring is happening so quickly with this warm weather spell! Everywhere I look here there are things waking up with a stretch saying “mmm… what’s for breakfast?!”. The Magnolia stellata (Star magnolia) is rising with … Read more.

Hold onto Spring

What a weekend, huh?! I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get any housework done… But with temperatures rocketted to the 70’s after months in the freezings, summer seems like it might be … Read more.

Nothing but blue skies!

Spring has sprung — for real this time! Here’s a few things that have been happening here today: The pumphouse is getting a much needed (and ever so slightly overdue) fresh paint job! Gail and … Read more.

Drop everything!

Whoa – hey. My eyes are squinty! What’s happening? — Hold on, I remember this — could it be?… It IS! THE SUN’S OUT!!! Everybody up and at’em! Let’s go! Just look at the sun … Read more.

dirty weather

Nor’easters tend to stick around like a tedious dinner guest and this one is definitely over staying its welcome. This week is probably a wash and the ground is still pretty squishy (with rain in … Read more.

The Nor’easter

Water, water everywhere! High tide this morning was HIGH. When I drove in this morning I wondered “what the heck is that is out in the bay?…” It was the GARDEN. There’s nothing like a … Read more.

We’re ready!

The gardens have all had their spring clean-up and Julie, Gail and I even got to the Rose Garden’s east side climbing roses today! Pruning climbers isn’t rocket science but it’s definitely tricky and totally … Read more.

What a difference a day makes

  Yesterday was a lone decent-ish day in the middle of a whole bunch of dirty ones – with more ick on the way in the form of sleet, rain, wind and are they really … Read more.